·Oil Refining Additive

·FCC Catalyst and Additives

·Alumina Absorbents

·Oil Additives

·Desulfuration Additives

·Hydrogenation Catalyst

·PTA Refined PD/C Catalyst

·Methanol Catalyst

·Styrene Catalyst

Equipment & Instruments
·Screw Type Compressor
·Centrifugal Compressor

·Valve & Material
·Ball Valve
·Butterfly Valve
·Gate Valve
·Control Valve
·Special Pipes and Tubes
·High Pressure Furnace Tubes

·Level Measurement
·Analysis Instrument

Engineering & Technology
·Hydrogen Concentration & Recovery Process

·Vapor Recovery System in Bulk Gasoline Terminals

·Desulfuration & Dedusting Technology for FCC Flue Gas

·Purification of Natural Gas and Recovery Process of Co2&CH4

·Refinery Dry Gas Recovery Process

·Oil Slurry Treatment System

·Ultrasonic Cleaning Process for Filter Element



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