Oilfield & Natural Gas

Purification of Natural Gas and Recovery Process of Co2/CH4
Removal and Enrichment of Co2 from Oil Field Associated Gas
Ultrasonic Demulsification Technology of Crude Oil
Failed Oil and Oil Slurry Treatment System
Oilfield Additives Dosing System
Oil Coalescer Technology for Crude Oil
Alumina Absorbents(Removal Impurities from Natural Gas)
Special Compressor、Vacuum
Petrochemicals & Refining

Refinery Dry Gas Recovery Process
Oil Slurry Treatment System
Hydrogenation Concentration & Recovery Process
Porous Metal Filter System
Vapor Recovery System in Bulk Gasoline Terminals
Desulfuration & Dedusting Technology for FCC Flue Gas
Hydrocarbon Steam Reforming Technology for Hydrogen Production
Sulfur Recovery Catalyst and Process
Gasoline and Diesel Hydrotreating Technology
Oil Refining Additives
FCC Catalyst、Additives
Alumina Absorbents、Additives
Oil Mist Lubrication System
Special Furnace Tube & Pipeline Fittings
Centrifugal Compressor、Vacuum
Ultrasonic Cleaning Process for Filter Element
Chemical & Processing

PTA Application
PP、PE Off Gas Recovery Technology
Semi-Coke Off Gas Recovery and Electricity Generation Technology
Coal to Olefin Catalyst Recovery System
PXL Oxidation Catalyst(Co\Mn) Recovery
Oil Slurry Treatment System
Ethylene 、Polyolefin Catalyst or Additives
Methanol Catalyst
Styrene Catalyst
Special Compressor、Valve、Vacuum、Agitator and Instrument

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